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This update fixes all the bugs reported to us over the past few weeks so thank you very much for your patience with these issues - please see below for more details:

-All missing data has been restored; workout data and completion progress should now be visible again for all users.
-Duplication of workout data should no longer happen.

-A bug has been resolved and all weights are now saved and displayed accurately across exercises, weeks etc as expected.
-You can now mark entire exercises as complete.
-All sets/exercises completion state and tracking is now always editable. You can now untick an exercise and re-enter your reps and weights
-The last weight used for each exercise is now pre-selected on the next set. This makes it easier to input weights and you don’t need to repeat the same process each time.
-Weight unit preference (kg/lbs) is now always saved as expected.

-App is faster and smoother to use.
-New timer is available and a bug was fixed to allow it to run at all times.
-The feature you use for adding notes has been improved.
-Video download icon not updating once downloaded.

We hope that if you experienced any issues with the app, these have now been resolved. If you could leave us a positive review or edit your previous review accordingly we would truly appreciate it!

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